I'm fairly certain I just got some 10s(eb regular slinky?)

Since I'm relatively new I practice in standard tuning, but usually switch to drop d tuning to learn some songs.

Would a different gauge be recommended? I would also like to dabble in c# as well.

I'm sure as a beginner its almost trivial, and I'm sure preference is also a factor here, but is there some unwritten rule or suggestion? There's so many choices out there I get lost.
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The main thing is maintaining string tension, the lower you tune the looser strings become and can make playing sound sloppya s the strings flop around. Using thicker strings means more tension so less flopping around. I think 11s may put too much tension on the neck for standard and dropped d but I'm almost certain that regular slinkys are 10s not 11s, 10s are fine for standard tuning. It is mostly down to preference though, you can tune as low as you want using 9s or any other gauge if you like the way it feels/sounds, just make sure you arent using a gauge thats too high for your tuning or you could put stress on the neck.
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i play drop c with 10-52 strings its a little bit loose but not that bad. i am happy as it is.

for drop d you could go with a 50 as low e string and keep the rest as it is if you feel the string you are using now has too much slack.
since you're just a beginner, string gauge isn't too much of a big deal. But say you we're in a band, for lower tunings such as drop b or c, you may wanna look into a bit higher gauge like 11 or possibly even 12, and higher tunings like standard and drop d would be better with 9 or 10. Since you're just doing this to practice then it doesn't really matter what gauge your strings are, and yours are probably 10s, i believe that's what a regular slinky is
It depends for me on the tuning and the guitar. Guitars with a longer scale length, strats, teles etc, I go for 9's because the longer scale increases the tension, where as a les paul of small er scale length I prefer 10's. If I tune down to E flat, I go 11's on a les paul, and 10s on a strat.
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Cool I appreciate it. Good to know I don't want to go bigger really for what I'm doing. Would suck to mess up the girl with just some strings.
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