Hello, So I've played guitar for about 6-7 months now and I'm in dire need of some help, what the f**k does let's say 9, but smaller means in a tab ?

Like I got a lick and it tells me to bend a small 9 on B string, to full, then down to 9 again, but this time bigger ?

Hope you get what I'm trying to say lol, ****ing embarassing ..

Oh well, thanks for ya help and stay true to metal!
Which tabs?
Ok to be a beginner u know, nobody understands everything

Except of metallica!
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Like in Shaman by Amorphis, in the first riff

( It's not the same example as above, that's becouse that ''tab'' is in my book, and the lick is called Top Steve or sumthing, lol )
Well, Im in a desperate need of help too..
At 4:25 Munky plays something bright sounding in the background.
Wich chord could it be and if theres is some effect in use please tell me.
This is the Mr.Rogers demo:
I almost found it out and it sounds close but still far away..

If you listen to the lick, does it sound like a normal bend on the 9th fret? Or does it sound different?
My guess is a pre-bend. It is probably followed by a release.

So bend the B string at the 9th fret, strike it (sounds like 11th) and hold it while releasing the bend to sound like the original note.
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Someone has to know ... right ?

Sorry, well noone answers me when I ask it