i have the info that playing must be a bi*ch on this thing because knobs get in the way all the time
dunno what it is - looks like maybe homemade - would help to see the front and back of headstock, the neck joint if there is one, etc.
Reminds me of a Matt Bellamy guitar, he gets them customized so he can use the knobs to change the effects quickly whilst playing, www.Mansonguitars.co.uk look at some of their guitars and you'll see what i mean. hope this helps
Looks similar to a tiesco *shrug*
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For some reason im extremely drawn to it. what type of body shape is that? o.o It's the body of a jazzmaster right?
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Is that a midi or XLR input? Certainly not a 1/4" jack. Looks like a Teisco though...
looks like captsnow nailed it. a solo II.
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