Y Los Cubanos Postizos to be precise. I have his 2003 DVD, live at Banlieues Bleues, France and was wondering what song they play at the 52:40 mark? I have listened through both albums and haven't found it and because its live Track ID won't get it either maybe its just me being stupid but can anyone help? Its really bugging me!
I've never seen the DVD myself, so I can't really help you there, unfortunately.

but Marc Ribot, man... jeez.
the man's insane.

I first heard him through his work with Tom Waits and I've loved his sound ever since.
This man is my new idol. I am doing my final year performance at university next year and I have planned an entire Ribot set (35-40 minutes of Ceramic Dog, Waits and Los Cubanos. I only wish i had more time). We shall see how well it goes down with my lecturer...

Yeah i got to the end of the DVD and there was a list of all the songs played and their composers. For some strange reason they missed out that song! >:O
Ribot did some great work on several tracks on Freedy Johnston's "This Perfect World," one of my favorite albums of all time.
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i love his tone on Real Gone, especially the solo for Hoist that Rag. Its pure tonal heaven ^_^ at the moment though i am really into Los Cubanos Postizos.

Its annoying that there is no music out there for anything he has done, and because he is extremely unknown there are no tabs so i am having to work out everything by ear
My interest here is to represent the work of a generation of musicians who started in the eighties, primarily in New-York, playing jazz, avant-garde music, rock, folk music etc.
Perhaps the key figure of this generation could be John Zorn. As a composer, he strongly tries to understand not only the music language but also all the social, historical properties attached to this art.
Music, like a reflexion on music and all the possible links that you can make with different areas.

Not only Zorn but a whole community of musicians thinks and pratices music in this way.
You can name : Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, Anthony Coleman, Dave Douglas, Wayne Horvitz, Tim Sparks, Andy Statman, etc.

So basically, I try to tab their work and propose that to you.

The interesting thing is that you can come across an enormous variety of music, blues, jazz, folk, world, etc. ; an amazing knowledge that you can play with on your instrument.

I hope this will be the start of a solid conversation.

So far I already tabbed 4 compositions.

Marc Ribot - Kivah : This comes from a project called Masada initiate by John Zorn to create new Jewish music.

Marc Ribot (plays Frantz Casseus' music) - Merengue : Haitian music

Bill Frisell - Abidan : New Jewish music again.

Bill Frisell - Probability Cloud, Pt. 2 : Modern Creative, East-Europe Music

(I'm French, please forgive my mistakes, correct me if you want)

Check out my thread "Downtown/Worldwide tabs (Ribot, Frisell, Zorn, etc.)