Hey y'all

I connect my pedals together with 30cm (11.8 inches) cables.
Is this too long ?

My pedal board is : Tuner - visual sound Rte66 - DS1 - EHX Pulsar.

Would getting shorter cables be better ?

ideally you want as little chord distance as possible between you and your amp, within reason of course. if they're good quality thou it shouldn't be much of an issue with so few pedals
well i only run 3 pedals and i notice toneloss with those pedals and short cables

but then again i have 4 other cables that are 15+ feet
I read somewhere that only after 18 feet do you get any major toneless.
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i've got five pedals with cheap cables and i get fairly bad signal loss, but one of my cables has snapped so it might be affected by that