Hi guys, I'm looking for a new guitar and amp for around £600.

First off, is this a good price point? Should I be looking to pay more/less for best value? Bear in mind that I usually buy computer components so I'm used to looking around trying to get good value for money. I realise that it doesn't quite work the same way with guitars and it's very much "you get what you pay for" but despite that I'm sure I could save some cash if I look around carefully.

Budget - £600

Genres - Thrash, death, power, and prog metal mostly. Also a little rock, blues and jazz, so I'll need a decent clean tone if possible.

New or Used - Preferably a new guitar. Amp can be used.

Home or Gig - Home

Closest City - Manchester

Current Gear - Ion starter kit

I'd like it to not be a strat shape, as I've had that for a while now and it's pretty boring. A V shape would be great. And on the size of the neck: while playing I often get pain in my thumb due to the pressure I'm having to exert onto the neck. This is guaranteed to happen if I try playing (for example) a barre chord. Would a different width of neck stop this or is it down to poor technique?

I'm unfamiliar with guitars and amps so if I've left anything out please ask.
If your after a decent practice amp with nice sounds heavy and clean which is also reasonably loud
Go for a Vox vt15. Brilliant little amps for a decent price.
Guitar wise, it depends on your preference.... For that budget including the amp your probably best looking at these manufacturers and picking out a guitar you like shape, hardware ETC...
Bc rich
These companies do all guitars which should match the style you like.
Oh Yeah and the strength in your hand for bar chords will come with practice.
Also, are you into locking trems or fixed bridges?
This choice will affect what guitar you want
Wasn't sure whether to bump this thread or create another. I'll just keep everything in one thread for convenience.

Anyway, I think it's probably worth it to increase my budget to £800 as this opens up access to some decent tube amps as opposed to ss or hybrids. Peaveys look to be pretty well regarded when it comes to distortion but the cleans aren't very good. I am starting to think however, that finding an amp that does both clean AND distortion very well to be impossible. At least in this price range.

With that in mind I was looking to pick up a Peavey 6505+ 112

As far as guitars go I'm leaning towards the Jackson KVX10 and ESP LTD AX50. I like the look of them, and from all the reviews I've read they are made for metal. A few things are nagging at me about the KVX10 though: a lot of people have mentioned that the pickups and the licensed Floyd Rose are of poor quality.

There's also a considerable price gap between the two guitars, I haven't yet come across another guitar I'm interested in that could fill in the gap.

I was thinking of getting a Jackson KVX10 with a Peavey 6505 + 112. What do people think about my choices?

Also, are you into locking trems or fixed bridges?
This choice will affect what guitar you want

No particular preference.
The thing is, once you say you don't want a Strat shaped guitar and you'd rather have one with a daft shape, you're severely limiting your choices. If you have £800 to spend it's tempting to think that you split it 50/50 but I'm not sure that's what will suit you best. 80% of your tone comes from your amp so it makes sense to sort that out first but instead of suggestions, I have a few questions before I can give a considered response.

1) Do you play in a band or at home?

2) How long have you been playing and how good are you?

3) Do you just want to play Metal or do you want access to other styles? I ask because the Peavey you mention is more of a one-trick pony than other options you may have.

4) Why does it have to be a valve amp? If you're gigging then I can understand it but if you play at home there is far less of an advantage and arguably, none at all.

I'd like to get to grips with the amp first and then see what's left of the budget for a guitar and when we come to the guitar, I think you should consider where your priorities lie. Is your priority a guitar with a daft shape or would you prefer to focus more on the actual quality of the instrument? You may be lucky and get both but you may not.
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That amp is pretty much what you want. Most things you find comfortable playing will still get you the sound you're looking for with it.

As for the shape, whatever. Get whichever shape you think looks cool so it'll keep you excited to play.