I've written and recorded a bunch of songs recently. It's my first time doing something like this and listening back to them it's pretty clear my vocals need working.

I've recorded myself playing live at the pub and I've found it to be a much better performance than for these recorded in my bedroom.

I'm hoping someone with a better ear and more knowledge than me can tell what it is I'm doing 'wrong' and what'll be the best things to focus on to improve.

There's a bunch of tracks with a music player thingie here:


The recordings are pretty rough. It's recorded on a sony portable recorder.

I really appreciate the help!
I'm no expert and you're a much better singer than i am, but i thought any feedback would be useful...

Overall i thought all the tracks are great. If i were to say anything i would say that you could put more emotion/energy into your vocals. Especially when the song climaxes or reaches a loud part.

but yeah other than that, nice!
I really appreciate the feedback mate. Thanks for taking the time and thanks for your kind words I find it amazingly encouraging.

You might be onto something with the 'emotion' thought. I find I'm more relaxed on stage and get lost in the music more. A couple of beers and having my sounds amplified and returned to me probably helps. Sitting in the room and recording was different and I felt much more conscious of what I was doing which probably made me less relaxed and less into the music and so less energetic and emotional.

Thanks again!

I do not know how you envision your music, or how you want it to be. I do not know the extent of your capabilities or the resources you have available. This is just an opinion from a fellow musician.

Shy Away:

Simple song, with a simple melody. It's basic, but it works fine. It's the kind of song one can play around the campfire while reminiscing or pondering about life. Your voice is good for the most part. It has a certain melancholy to it. It's relatively soft and pleasant to listen to, and I think it works for this song. Could perhaps even have the potential to be a hit, with some adjustments.

The only thing I think you can improve on is the "cause you can't change the past" parts. Here it sounds like you're holding your voice back a bit. If you use a bit more force while singing, perhaps add some slight vibrato to the notes you hold, I think it could become a bit better. The chords and the progression is fairly strong (mildly epic, even), but your voice does not quite support it, and it falls a bit flat. A friend of me who sings told me that one should "sing with your balls", to paraphrase a bit.

Listened a bit to the rest of your songs, but honestly I do not have much to say regarding them. You've found your way of making music, and you sound comfortable doing what you do. Personally, I do not like it very much (I find it overly rudimentary), but that's neither here nor there. I would suggest finding a keyboardist, because I think that some piano, light strings or pad along with some fuller chords could increase the musical complexity of your songs. Also, harmonizing the vocals on some parts could also help make it more interesting. Longer, more complex songs is also something you could look into. As it is, you rely on a very basic verse-chorus-repeat type of song structure, with a pre-chorus on some of your songs. Changing this up a bit, perhaps by applying bridges to your songs, could be good. Also, you constantly strum the chords you play. Consider arpeggiating some of them (in my experience, arpeggiated intros work wonders for setting the mood for the song). Additionally, buying some chorus, reverb or tremolo pedals (I recommend TC Electronic) to give your guitar tone a bit more personality is another thing I would recommend.