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Hey UG! It's been a while since I posted my last song. Well I finally took the dive and got myself some real recording equipment and software. I've spent the past month learning how to produce songs and it's a blast.

Here's the first song ever recorded using my studio. It's a re-recording of my song Letter to Numero Uno.


Hope you enjoy! Please give me your honest opinions, I always appreciate it. C4C without question.

- AI
Yeah. I really like it! Great guitar playing. Great violin sounding thingy.. I dunno what it is lol. Great singing... Great everything! It all sounded really great. How much your studio cost ya? It defiantly has turned out great.

The only real suggestion I have is on your recording. When you make the guitar playing/singing come out one speaker, I dont think you should make it 100% out of one speaker. Maybe have like 60% and 40% in the other or whatever you want to do. the only reason I say this is because personally, I run into a lot of problems with songs that make a certain intstrument come out one speaker... Mainly with beatles songs if im honest... here is a few of my problems i get:

1)If I walk down the street with headphones in, I always where 1 headphone at a time, so I can hear people/cars etc... ITs irritating when I play a song then I can only hear half of it because bloody Paul Mccartney decides to sing only out of the left speaker, and they put most of the instruments into the right speaker GRR..

2)My mum is deaf in one side... I know this is a very specific to my mother personally, but its just an example. When she plays music in headphone she can only use one earpiece

3)for my third point, I just think its sounds nicer to have the singing/guitar playing/or whatever coming from both speakers. Even if its majority on one side, and really quiet on the other side.

but er yeah, Rambling on a bit... good job !

Returning your crit on my band's hard rock song from earlier.

This is pretty cool man as a song. I like the beatlesy vibe to it and that Cello (I think?) is really haunting. The music suits your voice nicely and the whole thing knits together well. Good job.

I agree with the guy above me that quite a lot of the tracks (vocals and strings in particular) tend to lean on one channel or the other. A little more of each in the other respective channel wouldn't hurt. The guitar sound is a little thin and a touch too quiet for me (more the rhythmic stuff than the leads) and the drum machine is obviously a drum machine. Is that a part of the midi orchestra you mentioned above? Maybe get a bit more bass in that kick drum to give it a bit more of a boom than the dance-ish click type sound you've got going on in there? Other than that it's pretty cool.
It's actually a pretty cool song, I like it. Has a nice peaceful vibe. Some advice on the mixing though, the drums sound dub step or something, I think the dub step drums in the beginning work good, but they should change to more realistic sounding drums after the intro.

I also recommend running your vocals up center, instead panned to just one side. And the electric guitar could come up in the mix some.

hey congrats on the studio man. drums sound a little choppy as well as the violin, just takes getting used to the studio to smoothen those out i guess. Might want to try layering vocals a little more. Some time things are panned a little too much (vocals). I think you definitely need to get used to the studio. I mean the sound is great, the song is cool, but it just sounds computerized. The production needs to be improved and that just takes time to practice. I love the piano, good work there and the HEY! shouts are very cool. I wish you did more of that. Just listen to more music for production tips. The songs reminds me of edward sharpe, cool vibe bro.

c4c please:
Very interesting. The guitar is noticeably in my left ear. Work on the panning it's a bit distracting for those of us with headphones. The strings sound awesome and go well with the song. The drums are fun and the general feel is so very relaxing.
KILL THE DISTORTION. Kill it with fire. Totally breaks the song. If you want something to designate the chorus then keep what you're doing with the distorted guitar and go for a far less saturated tone. You can add a bit of gain without it completely overtaking the guitar.
The vocals are a bit nasally but I can hardly add any critique there, you can keep a tune and with practice your voice will be a bit more comfortable. The vocals are fine don't misunderstand me, I'm just saying there are parts that you seem to be straining.

Good composition, the lyrics are great no crit there, and quite professional. I wasn't expecting this (this forum is populated with metalcore and shred mostly) and it was a nice surprise. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff on here.
I'll crit as i listen :

Not a huge fan of the guitar just being in my left ear. The cello sounds nice. The drums, however, seem too electronic for this style. Your voice isn't bad. I felt like the cello was a little over powering in some parts. You might want to try bring the distorted guitar part up a little.. Or just do away with it. You should keep the voice in the middle, too. Cool feel at 2:50! Other than the mixing this track was really nice. Just work on some of the panning. Pretty catchy song, too! The melody is still ringing in my head

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This song needs some serious panning rework. 2nd verse got strange in that your vocals panned completely left. it should be center like bass and drums. Drums don't sound very good. Nothing wrong with the drum line, and not sure if you played these on an electronic drum set, but sounds too fake like they were midi programmed. You've got a good voice and the recording quality is pretty good. Other than that its not a bad song, though It didn't quite capture my interest. Not quite edgy / predictable rhythm. Hope this helped, keep writing.

I have to agree with the others, the panning needs to be reworked. But I really like the instrument orchestra thing, the vocals are great (i'm rather jealous honestly). I like the how you used both acoustic and electric guitars. The drums did sound a little funny at points, a little to electronic. But i really like it, thanks for the critique
Sweet recording there. Just need a little work on the production I think but that will come the more you record and play around it. Not huge on the main 4 chords you chose though, they're pretty played out and there doesn't seem to be a lot a change from it. Maybe think about that next time you're writing. It's not easy though and this is a great start. Good singing too. Hope this feedback helps.
That's a pretty catchy, feel good song! You have a good voice, and your choice of chords fit really well with the vocal melody, I really like that element.

It may be down to personal preference, but I prefer the lo-fi version. I think it sounds quite easy and mellow, whilst the one with the full set up sounds a bit overworked, if you catch my drift.

I think the drums sound a bit strange, I think it's just that kick drum, it might sound better if you picked a more natural sound.

I think the strings are too far forward in the mix too, it sounds a bit strange. I turned out my right headphone down and I think it works a lot better better with the string in the background.

But it's weird that I can do that! Like everyone else said, how come you decided to separate the sounds? I agree with the 60-40 idea, maybe with the vocals slightly panned to one side and the guitar in the other.

Nice work man, keep it up!
Sounds neat. The drums could be a little better though. I think the kick doesn't really fit with the snare? Or maybe the kick is a little too harsh/loud.
Apart from that I don't really have much to say about it, it's your first recording after all. Just keep practising and it'll sound pro in no time!

thanks for the critiscism by the way!
I really like the song overall, but I wish you'd have double tracked the acoustic guitar and panned it on both sides about 40-70% in each channel. I also would have kept the vocals around the middle of both channels. Your voice overpowers the acoustic when it moves to the left channel. For the rest of the track, the instruments overpower your voice (especially in the beginning). I like your voice, but it's kind of too nasally at times. Everything needs to be panned better. It's still a very loose recording imo.

Well, it's a better recording than 95% of the people here. I would invest in something like Addictive Drums. Would make the recordings much better. Overall, everything everyone else has said is basically what i think as well.

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Type as I listen:

What are you using for drums? They don't sound too real, but they fit really well haha.I like the strings, they have a nice sound. Not a huge fan of the singing; mostly the tone, although the melody is pretty cool. Also, not a huge fan of the double time...i think it could work better with a different drum beat maybe? I like the idea, but I dont feel like it was executed as well as it could have been. Overall, I like the structure and songwriting, just needs a little more work on the production (a different drum beat here and there, maybe adding a few strings, but thats just me!).
dude, what about an actual solo in death metal instead of that poof from linkin park. Think of Pulse of the Maggots - Bed Of Razors

I really liked it! It was produced very well, it all sounded great and blended together well on my headphones. I like your drum sounds a lot and the guitar tone was nice, maybe could do with being a little more prominent? Although i see the strings do a good job of filling out the soundscape throughout most of the track.

Composition-wise it was pretty good. I'm not a big fan of the vocals, they aren't bad by any means but they just sound a little dull. I'm also not a fan of the double-time feel of the chorus, i think it's too big a leap from the laid back feel of the rest of it. But overall a very well written track and I liked it. Keep it up!

Thanks for reviewing my track also
I reckon you should fill out the acoustic guitar a little more, like, add another to the other side. Get that nice stereo effect going on.

Also the distorted electric could use a little more work..... Too dirty perhaps?

I listened to it through my monitors and headphones. The panning sounds okay through the speakers, but gives me a bit of a headache through my headphones.

Pretty awesome song though man. I like it.
Do a plain acoustic and vocal version. I reckon that would turn out pretty great.
Your acoustic guitar sounds nice, what'd you record it with? Strings are nice too, not overpowering but they take up a nice piece of the mix. Song's pretty quirky and the voice adds a lot to this haha I'd definitely keep the vocals in the middle of the mix though, it gets lost on the left and seems a tad random. I'm also not a huge fan of the double time feel in the chorus though it works once you get used to it.

So far it looks like a GOOD INVESTMENT!! EVerything is feeling VERY nice. The strings maybe are a BIT LOUD in the mix?

Vocals are good but maybe a bit of COMPRESSION is needed to help boost the lesser audible parts. Maybe your voice would benefit from some doubling?

THE SONGWRITING is well in place, and the mix is very clean, its just merely the overall levels that need to be smoothed out.

I ENJOY The breakdown near the end ! . Again the strings are just overpowering things a bit. YOU HAVE DONE GOOD ON THIS DAY

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I love you all no matter what.
Thanks for the crit. and by the way yes there is a piano in my song you critiqued. it kind of becomes the lead instrument around halfway through.

I'd center out the guitar
I like the electronic drums, and I think it fits the style
Not sure if I'm a fan of your voice or not. It has moments where i don't like it, and sometimes i really think it works.
the cello is cool, could stand to be maybe a tiny bit quieter
the distorted guitar could sound a little tighter, and maybe be a little louder in the mix by the end.

I like this song a lot though. Very catchy.
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A nice song you have here. Well constructed and the different parts and textures of that song keep it interesting. The strings certainly add an extra dimension. What program did you use for them?

Things I'd change:
I don't like the drum sound at all. At first I noticed the snare being too quiet, but the kick as well, it sounds too electronic to me. Perhaps that was the sort of sound you were going for, if so then fair enough, it's just a matter of personal taste.
Lastly, the acoustic guitar is pretty quiet at times, in the verse sections especially you can only just hear it.

Anyway, good stuff overall.
Hmmmm, well obviously you know about the whole panning thing. I really like the violin part. The vocals work, although it gets hard to like when it pans and i can't hear it. I hear some guitar deep in the background, wish it was a little louder. Overall pretty good quality. Keep recording in that studio of yours and i'm sure you will get some very good results.
Ha this is really nice actually. The panning is a bit annoying but it's not really a big issue, and I can't really say much, because I have no experience with any type of studio recording equipment. The flow is really nice, and the instruments are surprisingly well put together. Nice job man, I enjoyed the listen, and thanks once again for your input in my thread.
I'm speechless.
This is really great.

I really liked the way you mixed the Left and Right noise, really seemed to work out.
Vocal was really good.
Violin/cello was a great addition to the style of it, but I did think that it washed over your vocal.
Really loved it overall, you really need to get signed..


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Sounds pretty good. All I'll say. xD

Quote by DarrenReeder
Stereo music is meant to be listened in stereo.

This is not the artist's problem at all. It's completely yours.

If you only want to listen through one earphone then listen to your music in mono. Stereo was designed to be listened to through both sides.
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Overall great song bro, I notice you panned from right to left on vocals at 1:30 in. You say that you had everything panned 50/50? I dont know necessarly that the gravely guitar in the background really fits for me either but it was a minor issue. Might add some fills in the drums here or there but not too many. I thought the vocals and the lyrics were great, thought your voice fit perfectly with the song. Overal Production was good, I cant complalin too much about mixing, I am not perfect either...

Thanks for the crit earlier, keep the tunes coming!
The acoustic and drums reminded me of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots, idk, it just did. Well the acoustic sounds great, I didn't really like the strings, they sounded "Fake but trying to be real"y to me, which I'm not a fan of. I wasn't fan of the distorted guitar either, it didn't really fit. The vocals weren't really powerful enough, and they were pitchy places, so work on that. The song wasn't really my thing either, but thas just me. I think you should of brought the piano in earlier so it fits better when it comes in.

Hey man, nice song. I really like the feel and the beat, had a really unique blend of acoustic styles and electro. My critiques would just be that a) I think that the hard panning is a little odd, instead of panning your guitars or vocals 100% to the left or right, try 80 or 75% and it will still separate the sounds but it will also sound more integrated and comfortable too - unless of course there's a specific part you want a hard pan on. The strings are really nice throughout, the vocals are nice but a little pitchy occasionally and drowned out of the mix but overall great vox. Also I reckon a bit of fine tuning on your cuts would be in order too, there are a few parts where I can hear when a new track has been added or removed. To avoid that, just fade out and in each track. Overall though it is a really nice tune and I reckon you should keep playing around with it, and most importantly, it's unique I hope this helps and keep it up!
Oo, just read about the panning so just note that i was listening through earphones
Sorry on my lateness in returning a crit, but here I am!

Reviewing as I listen: Great drum intro, guitar could use panned to the right a little, like the string sounds. Distorted guitar could use doubling imo, since that will do more than just boosting it. Vocals are great, but should stay in the near-center for the whole song, not panned clear to the left (like #DarrenReeder, it pisses me off on Beatles songs like "Paperback Rider" when I'm only getting a few of the instruments in one ear.) Acoustic guitar work is pretty cool. Could lose the delay on the vocals in the bridge, swap it for some more subtle reverb. Enjoyed the piano near the end. Really sound track songwriting-wise, all it needs is some production fixes. Nice work!
Returning the crit

I like the vocals alot, your voice is great and i don't agree with some of the previous comments that it needs more power, it's good as it is right now. I don't really like the distortion guitar, i would remove it or make the chours more heavy and powerfull with more dist-guitar in it. The strings sounds fake, but they do fit in the song, so thats just a recording issue.
Criting as i listen
I like the lyrics could solid base
The drums are ok for the intro but should change up in the verses i think
I like the melodic chord patterns on the acoustic and the strummin pattern its like mix between country and modern music.
I saw you're live acoustic version, i much prefer without the strings
I'm not a great fan of the vocals seem a bit old, not sure how to describe it, its just my opinion

All in all your still making good music and it gets you somewhere!
I really enjoyed this. The symphony laying the bass melody sounds great. I definitely had my head bobbing left and right the entire length of it. I only have a few things. I think the guitar could stand to come up just a smidge. Also, the vocals need to be a little less "sharp," in my opinion. Maybe just a little more reverb on them? And the part where the vocals are in one ear for a good duration make it a little annoying after a while... I found myself wanting them to pan back center. :P

Great song all in all.

What sort of vocal mic are you using for this, btw?

Well I got round to doing the C4C I liked the music and the vocal melody, also liked what I could hear of the lyrics. The vocals are in places drowned out by the music though so some of it is hard to make out. Also I'm not a fan of the vocal style, it may sound a little harsh (and hypocritical considering my own singing) but I'm just not keen on your actual voice :/ if its any consellation the chorus has lodged itself firmly into my brain and it looks like it's going to take a lot to get it out! keep it up
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