Hi pit, my PC can't connect to the internet (posting this from a laptop). For some reason the network is unidentified which is weird because all my wireless gadgets can connect to the same internet with no problem. The only one with this problem is the PC that is directly connected to the modem/router. First thing I tried was the simple unplug/replug the modem and router but that didn't work. I tried a ton of different possible solutions I found online but nothing is working.

Hopefully one of you guys have dealt with this problem before and could help me out.
have you tried a driver update on your computer's network adapter?
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I think it's probably the router. D-Link routers tend to be buggy for a lot people, even when configured properly. Since you have Internet access on your handheld stuff, I don't think it's the modem (modem = bridge between device and Internet service provider, router = thing that splits up incoming/outgoing information between devices).

If it's a hardware problem (and that's a big if, cause usually these are software issues), then you should talk to D-Link support (if you have a long time to sit around) or purchase/borrow/steal a new router.
I think it may actually be a glitch in Vista. I've had the same kind of issue 6-7 years ago when I first installed Vista on my desktop, yet everything else was working on a pretty reliable Linksys. I just formatted and reinstalled using another copy...

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I fixed it ...somehow. I tried plugging in the new router/modem but I broke it (dropped it) so I tried using my old one again and it magically worked. I guess all I had to do was make an offering and sacrifice another router to please the D-Link.