"As I wander these trails of thoughts
the sunless path I walk
Disheartening memories, grim voices, void of any hope"

(Black Metal vocals signifying evil thoughts)
"we welcome you to darkness
we are your anger, your hate, your despair
Once you are planted with our seed, your soul, we feed
It will control and consume you,
and darkness you shall be

(Insert long tremolo picked riff)

Look at your heart
tattered and scarred
all cause you had hope
Come closer to us
Separate your heart from the world
and never feel again

(death metal Vocals as hope)
Hope did not cause you pain
It's a metamorphosis,a change within
Let the egg hatch as it gives you strength
The strength to never run, the courage to face the darkness head on
Ardens Affectus Vincere
Ride the phoenix
Only then will you understand the limitless of life


Clean baritone vocs interlude style
The choice is yours, to run or to charge
As for I, I will stand my ground
For I am one with the phoenix

Some riffage

Clean vocs like stu block
"The phoenix hope
can wing her way through the desert skies
and still defying fortune's spite
Revive from the ashes and (Falsetto scream/ air raid) RISEEEEE!!!!!!!

Quote from Miguel de Cernantes

dark. but not bad. pretty creative. i like your word choices. was this wrote from personal experience? or just an idea?

Stop posting this thread. You're just making spam.

And to answer your question, those lyrics are nonsensical, bland, death metal B-side lyrics. So bad.