So I'm leaving for college in a month, and I'm looking to buy a new amp to replace my POS Marshall MG. So I found this ad on Craigslist...


I'm no gear head, but I do know that Fender's are known for their cleans (...right?)
So is this a good deal? The reverb is apparently broken, but it's in my price range, so...


If it's alright, I'd also appreciate some suggestions for other amps. I have an Epiphone G-400, and I play a lot of blues and jazz, but recently I've been getting more and more into fusion music (Brett Garsed, Allan Holdsworth, Sean Lane, etc). I'm cheap, so I'll most likely look for something used, $150 at most. Although I may go as far as $200.

Thanks in advance!
i'd pass as it is broken to start and it's not a 180 watt amp that number is it's power consumption and has nothing to do with how many watts rms it puts out.

first let me say tube amp (ok now that is out of the way) honestly for your bidget i'd get a Peavey Vypyr as it has decent fx built in for practice. will it make you sound exactly like any of the guys you mentioned, well no. it will get you some useable tones until you an afford a better setup.
Yeah that sounds like a pretty shit deal to be honest. Peavy Vypyr would be my suggestion, or a used 5-watt tube amp.
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