I got a new taylor 314ce yeaterday and it came with a hard case. The problem is the case. When i close it, it will not "fit" properly and i have to pull over the top or lid with a little force so the top goes on top of the base properly and latches go in place. Is the case suposed to be like this or wAs the top made inproperly? I just dont want wanting happening to my guitar.
That isn't right. I have a 314CE and my case fits perfect. I don't have to force or push anything to get it to close. Exchange it.
Its not like i have to pull so hard. Its just a little tug so the top goes over the bottom and lines up with the latches.... Fml...do u think i can get the case exchanged from my local gc? I went all the way to ny yesterday to get my guitar and its a hassle and takea money to go back...
Here's what I'd do... If it's not so bad and you can live with it, then I'd ignore it. If it's an obvious mismatch and it's hard to get it to close, I would call them and explain the situation to them. Let them know you're not happy and you'd like to have the problem resolved. Tell them you like the guitar, but it's the case you're unhappy with.

Ideally, you want to keep the guitar and have them exchange the case. When you call, don't speak to one of the sales guys, ask to speak to a manager. If you have to, have an older adult call for you - not sure how old you are. The 314CE is a wonderful guitar and I love mine.
great guitar
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Might sound way obvious, but make sure some stray tuft of something isnt stuck in front of the hinge area where it comes against the case bottom when closed.
Yes, I definately want to keep the guitar. I'm pretty sure theyll exhange it for me,but the problem is oging all the way to NY again.. my dad will be pissed...there are 2 gcs in this area (20 mins from my house) but they dont have much...i think ill try asking if i can exchange it here.