Ok im planning on making a pedal bored for my bass and i have been looking at some nice affordable pedals, i already have a BOSS bass distortion and a VOX wah wah, but i was looking on amazon and i found this compressor, i thought it looked nice and i can live with the price, but i cant find any other reviews on it.

First of all im wondering if anyone thinks i should bother with a compressor and secondly has anyone ever seen this pedal before, i would rather not waste my money if it turns out thats its shockingly bad.


Thats a link to the pic off google.
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what is it?

Oh right yea sorry about that, on amazon its just called Guitar / Bass Instrument Vintage Compressor Stomp Pedal, i cant get much info on the pedal, but i have seen it on a bunch of sites like amazon and Ebay.
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Never seen it before, and only found one listing on a froogle search: I could be wrong, but it looks pretty low quality and a look at the rest of the Chord brand products doesn't really raise my expectations (but who knows!?) What's your budget for the compressor? There are a lot of good ones out there.

You probably want a more transparent compressor for bass rather than one marketed as a "vintage" style squish box. The BBE opto stomp seems to be the current flavor of the week, but I haven't tried one out yet.

edit* Compressor reviews by a bass player The main page of that site has lots of FAQ stuff on comps too if you feel you need to learn more about them to begin with.
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if your short on space MXR's comp is pretty tiny, boss is supposed to be harsh and add distortion, but a lot of people use them. There's a lot of good pedals out there and a lot of bad. Same with brands, it's kind of a science experiment I imagine, and all these brands kind of tread on each other's toes and create sometimes some great pieces or god awful ones that indie bands will discover 5 years later and create a market for them. Best advice, look up compressors on say musicians friend, find some you like, then check for reviews, then check ebay and craigslist. Musicians go through gear faster than anyone I know, and there will always be someone willing to sell or trade. Also go to a music store and try them, a million people might say the dynacomp is the end all be all, but you might find it to be the worst thing ever. Also what music are you playing?
First of all thanks for the reply and sorry its taken me ages to read them (i havnt had chance to get to my pc) im gonna have a look around for the compressors and ill cheak out some music stores (if i get chance, they are so darn far away from me...) but i think i will first get some recording software i found, so just a quick digression, have you guys ever used pro tool essentials?
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dullsilver_mike, that link you posted is fantastic! Thanks for the that.

I've seen these Vintage pedals all over eBay for pretty cheap, always tempting to buy one hoping it'll be a diamond but my better judgement tells me it's just some rough. I'd recommend the MXR DynaComp as a fairly cheap, tiny compressor - has always done the job for me.

Samurai bassist: Pro Tools Essentials? Is that Pro Tools L.E? If not I can't say I've heard of it / used it.
It might be helpful to ask yourself if your sound needs a compression pedal before you potentially waste your money and pedalboard space.. The best way to find this out is to take your bass to a store (also really helps to bring your rig) and just hook up several different kinds of compressors. When you start playing and messing around with knobs, and you find that you can't really tell a difference in sound then a compression pedal is probably not for you. Likewise could be the case if you do notice a difference, but that difference is not necessarily one that you want.

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