Hey, Im working on a piece of music for my band at the minute Its a complicated piece so I thought I'd upload an early demo and get some feedback before I start the vocal arrangement for the singers.

EDIT: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/celitus/music/all/play1025522 New mix

A few mores piece of orchestral arranging needs done but for the music, this is pretty much it.
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I think the strings need to be brought up in the mix a bit, they are drowned a little bit. Guitar tone on the solos could use a little bit of a Lo-pass to cut some fuzz from it. Rhythm guitar, since its mainly just chords in the beginning, should really be beefed up. The Lo=pass could also be placed on the rhythm tracks as well.

Snare from the drums sounds a bit too shimmery for this mix, needs some more low end in it to mesh better. Not bad for a demo really. Like to hear the final product, this has some interesting ideas going on it.


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I really dug it. I think the keyboard parts are better executed then the guitar though. The epic lines toward the middle sounded great too. Keep up the good work and continue refining your craft. It's a rare find to hear music like this.

Comment on mine?

The piano bit is lovely at the beginning. However, when the guitars come in, it feels less like epic symphonic metal and more like a power ballad. At 1:56, the string melody does take away from that and put you more in the ballpark for epic symphonic metal. The riffs after that scream Nightwish to me, which is compliment or criticism (depending on if you like the band, of course). The tremolo riff about 3 minutes in is alright, but the guitar is a bit scratchy. Try palm muting those notes to get the more stuttering effect that you seem to trying for.

My biggest complaint is that this piece lacks direction. You have good ideas, but they keep changing without having an opportunity to get anywhere really good, so this feels like a melody salad. I think that if you want to write good symphonic metal, you have to understand how to take an idea and expand upon it. Most of the better symphonic metal acts I can think of are essentially romantic-era music with a couple of other guys thrown in because the composer's guitarist friend was unemployed.

What you've got sounds like a Nightwish B-side. You've got good ideas, but you haven't given them time to breathe and come to life. The strings feel more like an effect than a meaningful element to your writing. In symphonic metal, the guitar has to be able to adapt to the larger arrangement without making the orchestral parts sound like an afterthought or sounding like one itself.

Look at Adagio's songs. They're longer and more expansive (they're often billed as progressive as opposed to symphonic, but they truly are the lost children of romantic composers). The various melodic and harmonic ideas are given an opportunity to really breathe without losing focus or context. Their specific sound might not necessarily be to your liking, but look at how ideas are used in their writing and how they expand upon those ideas while still managing to sound like a metal band playing with an orchestra rather than an orchestra with a metal band thrown in for the Hell of it (or vice versa).

I'll crit as I listen:

Love the piano sound. The strings sound nice, too. The guitars and drums came in nicely. The transition from the soft part to the heavier part could have been better. It just felt kind of sudden.. You might try a cymbal swell into it. I'm digging the riffs. I would love to hear more interplay with the guitars and orchestra. The transition at 3:40 felt pretty sudden, too. Try a fill or something. Most of the piece feels kind of empty to me but I'm sure once the vocals come in it should help with that.

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I am really liking the orchestral at the start. It has a really authentic tone to it which I find really hard to do. For some reason it really reminds me of Final Fantasy 6 if them music wasn't 8 bit. The solo sounds good if a bit harsh in the tone department. Try to smoothen it out a bit.

I wasn't too keen on the next section. It just didn't do too much for me. it seemed like the rhythm guitars just didn't cut through the mix enough and it sounded muddy when the synth was going at the same time. After this when it is just the guitar playing powerchords and the drums and bass it has a nice groove and flows nicely.

Overall a nice job, just needs some tweaking and then it will be sound.

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cool keyboard/string sound at the beginning, could be a bit fuller, but thats not really your fault its just the patch. The guitar sound coming it sounds fantastic. Immediately makes it sound fuller. Drums feel a little empty and repetitive. odd transition when the keyboard comes out and it goes to strings. drums feel odd in that section. the new part feels a little chaotic, melody needs to be cleared up a bit. guitar tone is phenomenal. Cool song dude, good mixing, but I find myself loosing the melody, or just any sort of balance, at some points. love the variation in dynamics though.

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