when i use superior drummer, i always get a random cymbol hit at the beginning of each song. i dont know how it gets there. there is no midi at that spot. i usually leave the first 4 beats blank.
i use logic pro 9. anyone have a clue to this? have maybe had this happen to them?
Yeah I have that and sometimes through out the song, cymbal/hi hat hits will have inconsistent velocities to the extreme.
I use superior drummer but i've never had that happen. If it happens all the time did you check the plugin itself and make sure there isnt some midi hit in the track section of superior drummer? I'm just trying to guess why that might happen.
alright i figured out that all its doing is playing the last midi made before i stop the song. when i restart it, it plays at that velocity. ill just have to keep deleting the first 2 seconds in the mastering process