edit: team rocket hideout theme now added

Check out my rendition of the Ruins of Alph / Union Cave / Ilex Forest theme. It never ceases to amaze me how these songs perfect capture the mood for each situation, and i think this sounds even cooler now put to real instruments. let me know what you think!

Ruins of Alph

Team Rocket Hideout
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I liked that.
What effects are you using, it doesn't even sound like a guitar any more lol.
thanks for the love! and @robhc ill give you a run down of what i used

At its busiest, this song has 3 different parts going at once, though most is only two.

the only effects are on the lead part which was comprised of my strat with heavy chorus on one track and then doubled with the same chorus +overdrive for sustain

the two backing parts are played by an acoustic guitar, doubled by electric (clean) and bass (clean) where applicable

edit: oh and i had my delay pedal on for the lead but very low so its a faint echo at best. i didnt want to make it too busy but i like the roomier sound with whats basically just some added reverb
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I just recorded another so i thought id just add it here instead of making a whole new thread. This one is the team rocket hideout theme. It was tough getting perfect timing throughout the middle with it all being 32nd notes (by no means something im used to working with), but i think it came out respectable anyway. let me know what you think