Hey i met a guitarist named LEO down at guitar center that shredding like no other 16 year old, he was going EVERYWHERE! He pointed me here. I'm 19 and im a rhythm guitar player. I don't do alot of solos cause i guess im not really meant to do solos but i enjoy playing rhythm and see others like it too. I can't really judge myself but i can keep up with others. I play alot of scales, my own scales. I try and learn other guys scales but i like my own, my sound. I like doing riffs that make people shit themselves that arent just 3 chords but have slides n hammer on/offs and crazy scales and power chords, I like my riffs to have a little everything in it but still sounds right, not too technical where u dont know where the song is but technical enough to make people go WOAH. (I'm not too good at explaining things but you should know what i mean) My hero's are Eddie Van Halen and Dimebag Darrel. The old band i was in said my riffs are like Dimebag riffs, not that i want to live in his shadow but thats kinda how my riffs are. Music is my life, its all i know and I'm going to get where i wanna go and i don't care what comes in the way. Even if they're was 100 hot naked chicks calling for me to get in they're bed ill still choose to rock, even though that would be a hard decision, i wanna rock! If they're are any people that wanna jam hit me up, I'm in Bel Air Maryland and ill travel if i have too. My name is Cody Email : cguypritchett420@yahoo.com