I've had my Digitech BP200 pedal for a few weeks now, but my amp is up at school. I've heard it's possible to play it through stereo speakers, any truth to this? Probably just don't have the right chords. Thanks in advance guys!

Without knowing anything about it, I can't imagine it will produce enough output to use with speakers if you don't have an amp. The headphone jack isn't going to have enough power, and the line out is going to be even wimpier than that.

If you want to use it with a full stereo (not just speakers, but amp etc.) I bet you could just get an 1/8 in stereo cable and plug the headphone jack into an aux input on a stereo system. I'm not going to actually recommend that, however, because I have no idea if said stereo system will have any protective measures built in to save your speakers from the excursion produced by raw, unengineered bass guitar sounds.

Why not just use the headphone jack to play with headphones?