My instructor said these are usually hard ones to come up with given the odd timing. So he challenged me to make one up. I need some advice DO NOT GIVE ME THE ANSWER. just give a path to follow, sort of way... any advice would be helpful

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Meaning 7 notes within a 4/4 measure? That would entail 7-tuplets. You likely want to begin and end on a pleasant note.
Would bends count?
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how much room do you have to work with?

I like to use symmetrical patterns for creating patterns, one that begins on a long note and progresses in speed to the middle, then slows down to end on the same length of note as the beginning

so for example, consider the following seven-note pattern:
2+1+1+1+1+1+2 = quarter + eighth + eighth + eighth + eighth + eighth + quarter
this would work well in 9/8.

Other patterns can be formed in similar ways. After that, it is all a matter of applying this rhtyhm to various combinations of notes from the pentatonic scale
Why is it hard exactly?

Take any seven notes from the pentatonic scale, you've done it...

Personally I'd probably do a lick based around a "2+2+3" motif, but that's pretty close to giving you a decent answer already.