its rough, don't be too harsh on the drums. i didn't try too hard since my drummer will make totally new ones anyways.

not too sure on the genre... haha. i hope you enjoy and any criticism is welcome. i will C4C. thanks!

new better wrttten versions are up they end in 3 haha
new post hardcore song.mid
hardcore.emo 3.gp5
hardcore.emo 3.mid
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I'm way too tired to analyze and criticize every section of this, but as a general summary: I really like it, it all fitted together nicely, the middle part with the octave chords felt a little too long, make just use some different chords every now and then in that section, or spice up the drums? Other than that it was one a very good song and I enjoyed it, the outro particularly was very good, a very ennjoyable song, well done!
well thank you! yeah your right though the middle(octave thingy) is stale. i think im going to jam it out some more and come up with something a lil bit more creative haha
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