Instead of just asking for recommendations for a beginner bass, I want to know from all you bassists: what model was your first bass? Why did you pick it/ was there any interesting story behind it? Were you happy with your decision or did you regret it?
I just thought it would be interesting to know.
My first bass was a Yamaha RBX270, I got it because that's what the school gave me. Great basses.
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The first bass I bought was my Ibanez GSR200, its my baby, I was actually just fiddling around with it since my new bass is getting a setup. I love the sound it produces, very mellow after hearing the 'sting' of my Ray35. Its like butter compared to that thing.

I remember renting a couple crappy basses from Long and McQuade, one was a red Squier p-bass, actually not too bad though I didn't know much at the time and can't comment on how it sounded. Also rented a pretty bad Jay Turser, definitely not the best of bass guitars.
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Have a Peavey Millenium 5 active, with the cirrus pickups. I was looking to get one of the passive Milleniums 4s, because of the good reviews and of course I liked the look, but then my dad told one of his musician friends from work whos a big local drummer that I was looking at basses, lo and behold that guy had a Peavey Millenium 5 and a 20 watt practice amp and sold them to me for just $200. Couldn't pass that up. Now most basses feel awful compared to my baby....... I love the whole feel of the bass, now I'm just trying to find something that emulates the feel but gives far wider tonal capabilities.....
kramer forum III my dad got it from a friend of his and I promptly stole it. it has a very woody tone very punchy as well. too bright a lot of the time, sounds freaking amazing with distortion though. or with the tone rolled all the way back.
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My first bass guitar was some squier p-bass special model from the mid 90s. I don't think I was even able to judge how it played and sounded back then, and I never played it on anything other than a 15w practice amp anyway. I do remember it was red though!
Schecter Omen 4 that a friend let me borrow. Fell apart on me, but served it's purpose.
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My first Bass was an Ibanez Roadgear, I bought it because it was a little bit cheaper than the others and it looked just HOT!
My first bass was a Hamer slammer P bass, I loved that thing, I still kick myself in the ass for selling it.
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Its currently my only bass to date an 90's Ibanez ATK100
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Yamaha RBX 270, pretty solid starter bass.
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Borrowed, a Squier Affinity P bass

Owned, a MIM P bass

Like everyone else, wish I didn't sell it.
Epiphone AccuBass was my first bass. My husband bought it as a Christmas present for me when I was pregnant with my oldest. Still have it and gig with it on occasion.
first was a schecter stiletto custom 4, just got it not even a month ago actually :P
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I played other peoples basses for a while.
In 1985 I was looking to buy my first elec

I looked at a lot of used Fender Jazz and
Precision basses, as well as some other

Back then a 1960s Fender Jazz bass was
just a used bass........... $500 was not an
uncommon price for a nice one.

I finally came across something that just
put them all in the dust for just $400
with a hard shell case.

It's a Westone Electra X640N with an 18
volt preamp.

I was the only guy in town with anything
like it,

I have never been able to buy a Jazz or
BJ bass because they don't sound good

It just won't sound like a P bass. I have
7 or 8 of them,

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Epiphone AccuBass was my first bass. My husband bought it as a Christmas present for me when I was pregnant with my oldest. Still have it and gig with it on occasion.

I still intend to sneak this out of your house sometime. I love these things. maple bodies ftw.

mine was an Ibanez GSR200. it was able to get the muddy sounds, the bright sounds, the clear sounds, and it was very shiny. I preferred the look of the Epiphone SGs at the time, and the sound of the fretless jazz basses, but it was recommended by my dad that I go for the one that was both comfortable and normal scale.

a really good suggestion I think.
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My first bass was a 90's Fender Jazz V it served me well until it got stolen couple years back.
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My first bass Jackson C20J which I still use to play in another tune than my Spector.
Mine was an Ibanez Roadgear RD500. It has since been discontinued, but it is a fine bass and I still play it often.

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a £60 Harrier "p bass" from ebay

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When i was 15, my Uncle gave me my first electric bass...

-Harmony brand
-P bass copy
-Black body/black pickguard
-Maple neck (had a vintag-y tint)
-gold hardware

I loved that bass. It got covered in stickers, haha.

I lent it to a cousin that wanted to learn, and they turned around and sold it for, like $50.

Still bums me out. I used it on a recording with a punk band back in 2001. While my playing has grown leaps and bounds, the tone i had on that record is amazing, and i fear i'll never be able to re-create it
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My first bass was an Ibanez GSR 200 which I still use a lot.
I actually went to my local shop looking to buy a couple of new cymbals for my drum rig.
Turns out they didn't have the models I wanted so I went home with a bass and amp instead...