all the way?
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I don't know. I have played a 72 tele thinline distorted out on a peavey 6505 and it plays fine. I have also seen people play with heavy distortion on Hofner hollow bodies so I guess anything is possible
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Depending on your pickups you're gonna get something close, probably not have as much sustain as you'd want for squealy notes and dependent on your tremolo and bridge you won't be able to pull of massive dives or anything (I have an Ibanez Artcore with a bigsby style trem and no fixed bridge and tuning just goes whack) but a 335's fixed bridge shouldn't cause too much of a problem.

But overall I can get a much heavier distortion from my semi hollow than a couple of my solid body guitars but again, this is probably pickups and nothing more. Shove it through a pedal or two and you'll have a nice sound, just gonna be weird to play.
I can play metallica and iron maiden on my thinline tele so they can get pretty distorted.
I think it would be possible to turn it all the way up to 11, granted you need that little push over the cliff.
I don't know. Ted, how distorted can your guitars get?


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Its the Lydian mode; formed in Eastern Arabia when the Persians invaded England.

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i play a gretcsh 5120 through a mesa roadster sometimes. other than really high gain, it can handle it. it does feedback a little bit, but certainly not uncontrollably

the question becomes whether it sounds good or not. that you have to find out for yourself
It depends on how close you stand to your amp. You can do a lot more if you stick it way over on the side of the stage instead of being one of those insecure guitarists who has to stand in front of stacked 4x12s.