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So, I'm a cheap-ass college student. In my never-ending quest to find the lowest prices on the things I want most in life, I stumbled across a website called www.thetopguitars.com. This place has some crazy low prices on guitars. Like, Rickenbackers for $420 and American-made PRS models for about the same price, and Fenders and Gibsons and Gretschs and they're all pretty much under $500. So, I became both excited and very suspicious. I mean, if these are legit guitars, there's no way they can be that cheap, right? But at the same time, if they're not legit guitars, then I feel like the site would've been sued already for selling fake merchandise under copyrighted brand names. It doesn't say anything about them being used or refurbished or anything. The pictures all look pretty legit, and when a headstock is visible the name and logo on it look right. In short, I'm wondering if anyone in the UG world has had any experience with this site, and if it should be lauded or avoided. Cuz I'd love to have a Rickenbacker for the price of a Squier. So, let me know what you know!


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Short Description: This guitar is of the finest , and yet it is only fraction of the cost that you would normally pay. This guitar is of the finest , and yet it is only fraction of the cost that you would normally pay.

that about sums it up
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Im pretty sure you'll get a Rickenbacker with the quality of a squire at that website.

Also closed for the advertising even if its unintentional.
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