Two friends and I, who play drums, lead, and rhythm guitar, started a band a month or so back called Despite Evil with the concept that we could play hard rock or metal and bring a melodic and theatric edge to it (Think Judas Priest or Iron Maiden but modernized so that it's more applicable to modern rock.) We've written about 3 - 4 songs but we need a singer to write up some lyrics and sing for us so that we can start pushing the demo out to different labels. We're looking for a singer that has a voice that can hit pitches but still do well in a more fast paced distorted setting.

*It would be a bonus if you could play other instrumnts as well.

* The band varies between 16 - 17 years old. So that would be the target age, but a little older is fine as well.

Contact us at mypodtunes@aim.com
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