anybody interested in hand made custom electric 6string and bass guitars? hi my name is dalton and i own DCCustom Guitars, we've been in business for over a year and are taking our company to the internet for advertising! our motto is if it can be dream't it can be built! ALL OF OUR GUITARS ARE HAND CARVED AND CRAFTED OUT OF THE BEST HARD WOOD SELECTION! we use warmoth necks, metal or plastic pickgaurds, and top or the line double coil Dimarzio humbuckers,and tremolo or non tremolo bridges, all built according to your desires! we only use the finest hardwoods to build on to ensure that if its a stained wood finish or glossy finish with pearl micro-flake the sound quality will be as superb as the finishing details! our location is muskogee, OK.
if interested feel free to contact me at