1. I know that the 5th tone of a minor scale wants to resolve back to the tonic. This is just a single note melody...

A string -----------5--7--(wants to resolve)----------
LOW E string -5-7-8-----------5--(Resolved)-----------

I can hear how the last note wants to resolve back to the A note ( a fifth interval distance).

But does the resolution exist to ANY A note even if you were to do this...

D string -----------------------------------------7--(Resolved??)--
A string -----------5--7(wants to resolve)--------------------
LOW E string -5-7-8------------------------------------------------

Here it would be resolving to an A but as a 4th interval distance. It doesn't really sound to me like it is a good sense of resolution but it still is an A note. That's why I am confused
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you're talking about the E->A resolution, right? it can go either way.

the resolution up a 4th is the second strongest bass motion possible. the only stronger bass motion is down a 5th. both are satisfactory.
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