Well I finally wired my Ibanez back up today. I've done more than a few resolder jobs to my guitars, but this was the first one that went absolutely flawlessly. I got the diagram, wired it up, and it worked perfectly, didn't have to go back in to redo anything. So I'm proud about that

Anyway. I'm almost out of wire now, so I need to get some more. The thing is, is that I absolutely hate the wire I've been using. I have no idea what kind it is, it's just some stuff I got off ebay when I was getting other parts (pots/jacks etc.). But it's really slippery, and it's really hard to strip. My fingers are fairly oily, and whenever I'm trying to work with it, it just slips through my fingers. I can't get a grip on it, and I always have to hold it with pliers. Obviously, this is a huge pain in the ass.

So what do you guys use? Is there any stuff that's cheap that is easy to work with? Thanks. Sorry for the overly long post~
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im using some 22 gauge(i think its been a while since i bought it) standed wire i bought at some electronics store likea year ago the stores closed now...
never had prbalems with it

its was like 8 dollars a spool for it i forot to mention
and it was alot still not halfway through it i miss that dude he was cool
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18 gauge stranded teflon and 18 gauge solid silver plated copper.
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