Poll: What's Your Favorite Fast Food Chain?
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View poll results: What's Your Favorite Fast Food Chain?
36 20%
24 13%
Burger King
26 14%
Taco Bell
14 8%
0 0%
1 1%
49 27%
14 8%
I don't eat fast food
19 10%
Voters: 183.
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Steak n Shake ftw.
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Subway cause well it isn't that bad for you. Is acutally filling, you don't go hungry after like 2 minutes. And shit tastes good
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Subway, the others are not really an option because I am vegetarian. I love Subway though.
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Im a veggie so based on that I'll say Jack in the Box. They have grilled cheese with toasted sourdough bread omgggg
Maccas and Red Rooster

Hungry Jacks (Burger King in US) is not bad, though they're slacking off in quality. Same goes for KFC

Subway is pretty good too
Subway; eat flesh
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KFC is the finest cuisine at 2am when you're pissed.
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Subway doesn't really fit into the same category for me... because its a sandwich shop. So I went with burger king

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There's never any point to these threads because In-N-Out is and will always be the best. The only people who say otherwise have never tried it.
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Subway; eat flesh


its Zombies; Eat Flesh
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I like my local Chinese place. That's fast food, innit? I don't eat any of the chains stuff, McDs and that.

Haven't done for 10 years now.

I can't remember why.

Something to do with them being fascists or something.
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voted mcdonalds
but i like subway more.
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In-n-Out for suuure

but TS is a jerk and didn't include it in the poll

I voted Subway
If I must eat bought food I usually get Sushi...

Subway is alright. The steak and cheese sub has pretty decent macros, but only if they don't totally skimp out on the steak....grumble grumble grumble...
If I have to eat fast food, which I rarely do, I usually go for subway. Lots of food for the money, being able to customize your meal easily, tastes well, and doesn't feel like it's a big ball of fat like when you eat at McDonald's or whatever.
I voted Burger King, because until now I'd never considered Subway to be "fast food". I know it is, but I've always just referred to the unhealthy deep fried places as fast food. Subway is amazing though, just doesn't fill me up. I've had 2 foot longs and still wanted more.
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Subway, the others are not really an option because I am vegetarian. I love Subway though.

This....pretty much.
KFC for sure.

I've been known to demolish one of their 12 piece Boneless Buckets on my own.

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Taco Bell kicks so much ass when you're on the way home from the tavern.
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