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I'm going to join a band (as guitarist). My guitar teacher advised me a while ago, to buy strap locks for my guitar, since it's quite a heavy one and a normal strap wouldn't work.

The guitar is a Gibson Les Paul Deluxe 1996, made from one piece of heavenly wood; but is quite a heavy guitar.

So how do strap locks work? I've read some stuff on the internet and I've seen some Strap Locks and it looks like they need to be screwed into the guitar..?
I have no experience with all this and so I need some help with this.
How do you attach them to your guitar, are they removable, is it going to leave some 'scars' on the guitar...?

step 1: unscrew stock strap pins

step 2: screw in strap-lock pins

voilà, you're done!
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And the size of the new strap-lock (pins?) fits all..?
I could just safely buy any (quality-) strap-lock and it will work?
as long as the screw they use to fasten into your guitar is the same size and goes to the same depth (or maybe further in), they will be direct replacements. i've put schaller and schaller type straplocks on every single guitar i ever owned, including a les paul studio i used to have. and they work beautifully
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I would put a match or toothpick in the hole, before screwing in the new pins. This will make for a tighter fit.
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They also make these:


Which IMO work just fine, and cost a little more than a dollar each. They aren't as expensive, and personally I hate how much regular strap locks stick out, and how bulky they are. Honestly though if you have a good strap, I don't think you'll have a problem, as long as you don't do any of those cheesy guitar swings.
I use these http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/dual-design

And these http://www.jimdunlop.com/product/ergo-lok-strap

The strap locks do their job. If the screw that comes with them doesn't fit, you can use your original screws and it works perfectly. I haven't tried the Schallers, but apparently they're better.

The only complaint I have with the Dunlops is that they get squeaky really fast, and need WD40 or something. It's really annoying.

The ergo straplocks are really cool. I'd say they're even more safe than traditional straplocks. The problem with them is, they don't fit on all types of strap butons. The hole is pretty small, so I can't even get it on my LTD's.
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And then there's Ernie Ball Strap Locks, that's what I use. I've heard the Ernie Ball, Dunlop, and Schaller's all work real well. But don't forget this, the strap is important too. It does no good to put $20.00 locks on a $10.00 strap.
locks aren't something i would take the cheap route on. don't get those little plastic things.. we have a bucket of them at the store i work in and they just look cheasy and some are already broken. go with some mettal hardware. shaller is what i use but as long as they are of good quality anything will work.
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Ya i wouldnt go the cheap route. I use the Ernie Ball Strap Locks too and they work great. If you think they're too bulky looking then the Schaller's will do great just the same. My buddies use those and they're great.
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Get the Dunlops for sure. I don't trust Schallers.

I've got 20+ year old Schallers that are as good as the day I bought them.
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I've got 20+ year old Schallers that are as good as the day I bought them.

I agree i'm still using the same set of Schallers that i purchased in1987 and never had a problem with 'em also all my guitars are fitted with Schaller buttons which leaves me with a bunch of straplocks in a tin as i only use 2 guitar straps....!

I've been using these for 20+ years. On every guitar I have ever owned.
Never had a failure.
The screws are longer so you need to drill a little deeper (inb4 "Thats what she said").
I've always found Dimarzio clip straps to be pretty good! Other than that Schaller all the way!
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I have Ernie Ball locks on my Bolt. They're ball and groove like the Dunlops but the shaft should be a little longer for more stability but they work fine nevertheless.

I also have the Hennesey locks too and those are more stable (fat barrel) that the Dunlops and others but the strap mounts on the outside of the locks and I don't trust them. The Schallers does too and they can flip around and drop the guitar.

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I heard that you need to drill a bigger hole for the Ernie Ball ones.

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I heard that you need to drill a bigger hole for the Ernie Ball ones.

I do it anyway.
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