I have a 2006 mexico strat with no modifications. I have been interested in replacing my pickups for a while. First of all I want a noiseless pickup and I came along those two- Fender Hot Noiseless and Fender SCN.

Whatever I read about them, they always talk about how well it fits to a "blues" sound. However, I am not into blues at all, I am more interested in British music scene, bands such as suede, the smiths, muse, radiohead, etc. How well do you think these pickups will fit my sound?

Thank you very much.
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i have a set of hot noiseless in a strat deluxe. i rate them very highly, while most of my music is rock and blues they are very versatile and can handle cleans and classic fender tones equally well.
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I have SCNs in my Telecaster. Very good mids clean and distorted. Don't know about the Hots, but I find the SCN to be hot as well.
I have an SCN in the middle pos in my jackson, nice sounding pup, you lose a little highs and jangle vs a proper strat pup, more middy, but its 100% noise free.
well, i don't have to buy one of these two. does anyone have any other pickup suggestions for that genre of music?
I think that single-coil pickups will fit your genre. But I think Smiths are more about 5 different guitar tracks and reverb, mid-boost. You can't do wrong with any of these pickups. Look around for some sound examples of these two to decide wheter you like the Hot ones or SCNs.
well i have one final question then..

there will be a real difference between my stock pickups and one of these two, right?
I have Fender N3 Noiseless pickups in my American Deluxe Tele. People here are right, they're very middy and not quite as twangy as your normal Tele pickup. It's still there but not as pronounced. It depends if that's what you want.

The pickups on my Tele don't blow me away but they are very good, and I can see why Fender use them where they do. I don't know how much they cost separate but I have a feeling they're probably quite expensive and I'd say there are pickups with more character out there. You'll probably want something loaded with a bit more of that elusive 'chime' and 'jangle' sauce.

Oh, and these and almost any other decent after-shop pickup will be significantly better than the stock pickups. I think this is a major weak point of MIM Fenders.
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well i have one final question then..

there will be a real difference between my stock pickups and one of these two, right?

Yeah, but it depends largely on whether the rest of your rig will actually show you the differences. Some amps react differently to different pups, some just always sound pretty much the same.