I posted this in the wrong forum earlier so apppolagies...

Ok so this has been happening for a while, basically i turned on my amp one day and while playing the volume would crackle and then cut out to maybe below 50% and eventually nothing.

Ive got a MG100DFX and ive had it for a while so im wondering if its just age or something but so far ive looked online and found other marshalls having the same problem (but not the same amp) and ive stuck a connector cable on the back of it connecting the fx out and in and i think thats solved it, but id just like to know what is wrong with it? or how do i permanently fix it?

Also its definately not the cables as ive been through and tested them on a smaller amp and theyre fine
Usually it's a bad tube on other amps but since yours is a SS amp I'm not sure what to think. You might not be able to fix it.
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haha yes i know its a rubbish amp but i lack the money to replace it lol, i was wondering that maybe a connection had torn or something inside the amp from bumping it about but i hope its nothing that serious