So, I wrote in the video description, that this is my first cover using some recording software. For that I want your opinion for this paragraph. I know it isn't the best stuff(especially the tone, but my amp isnt the best, you know). For some reason the sync between the track and the video fade a little, but I hope this can't distract you much. For the playing, I think that the tapping part is the worst, but you will see.

However, I prefer commenting in youtube, under the video. You can leave only your links here, so I will crit back as soon as I can.


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Hey just checked out your vid... yeah its not really my style but I still appreciate your playing nonetheless! I must check out that audio and video editing myself cause its pretty cool.

I thought your guitar playing was pretty solid dude... Especially the part from 1.54 with the hammer ons and tapping, that was pretty kick ass Nice job!
Thanks for the critique on my Rain cover.

Really solid playing. There was a little extra noise in there at the end, but aside from that, you played nicely. The legato passage about two minutes in especially caught my attention. You had really good sound quality too. I did think your tone was a little thin at times, but your playing was clean enough that the tone didn't become a problem. Well done.
Hey, thanks guys, I really appreciate your words. I am really trying to improve my tone, hope it will be better in my next cover. Thanks for the feedback and for nice words again!