Hello again UG community! It's been a while since I've posted something so I thought of posting one. Songs for the Silent album is about hardships and tough experiences. This is just a vague concept and I haven't completed the lyrics yet but that'll be the main topic of this album. Musically, this album is a new and big departure to what I usually write. There are less progressive elements and into a more straightforward batch of songs.

Track Listing:
I. All of Me - 9:17
II. Far Into the Sun - 6:01
III. Desperate - 5:19
IV. Lights In Motion - 5:38
V. Helpless Abandon - 8:21
VI. As Good As It Gets - 5:20
VII. A New Beginning - 8:23

Hope you like my latest offering!
Songs for the Silent (GP5).zip
Songs for the Silent (GP4).zip
Songs for the Silent (MIDI).zip
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Quick recap of my thoughts:

-All of Me was cool, if not a bit redundant. I did enjoy it, especially the solo and break into the chorus. Good work.

-Now Far Into the Sun is more my style, with the up tempo nature and a more dominant bass.
I love the use of the synth here a lot more than in the previous song. I'm also a sucker for major key melodies that don't sound cheesy. EVEN MORE WICKED SOLO! Excellent.
This song is definitely a hit.

-Desperate has an excellent intro, and you have good follow through with the proceeding sections. The synth's are quite well done here, even if they seem to be heavy in the mix. Not as catchy as Far Into The Sun, but it's damn good.
Again with those killer solos! lol

-Lights in Motion is cool, but the Chorus just takes the cake here. My least favorite section is the Verse, as I'm not one for classic rock riffage. But that's not to say I didn't like it. Overall good song. Now where's my solo?
hahaha, I knew it come up as soon as I asked that question.

-Helpless Abandon has too much of a build up for the lack of pay-off that chorus gives. At this point, it is my least favorite song of the bunch. Needs more spice.
2nd chorus does deliver some of the needed spice, but the solo, as always, pushes it over the top. Instrumental section is nice too.

I'll come back later to check out the last 2 songs.
Every now and then I can pick up a dream theater influence. Me likey.
First song for me was probably the most powerful, it flowed well, every instrument played it's part and was well done. I especially liked the drums.
Also the instrumental section was great, reminded me of dt. Loved the solo!

As a whole, I found the album somewhat lacking in the middle, however the last track was great. I found the intro a bit of a welcome change, not that the rest of the tracks were all too similar.
Really enjoyed the chorus too, but I found the first two instrumental sections a bit unnecessary. The solo was one of your best though, loved it.

On a whole it was great. The synth flowed well in almost every track, and the bass was great compared to what is normally put up, as were the drums.
I feel that some of the tracks such as helpless abandon need a bit of reworking. Although if the vocal melodies are strong enough it would work well.

Oh also bar 203 of helpless abandon sounds a little too close to dream theater. Can't quite pick what song it is, but sounds familiar

Great work though, really great stuff!
RIP Gooze

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Had a quick (and I mean quick) listen to all of the songs and my consensus was that overall, it was very good:

All of Me - Well suited as the first track but def. not the best track either
Far Into the Sun - As was said before this one is very good
Desperate - This one too, best solo imo
Lights In Motion - This was also nice, probably my favourite overall
Helpless Abandon - Didn't find this as good as the others. The second half was better
As Good As It Gets - Well the riff was... loved that riff (Also the first few notes on the acoustic sound a lot like the first few notes of Polyethylene by Radiohead - probably a coincidence?)
A New Beginning - The chorus in this one is awesome

Get it finished and record it. Interested to see what you do with lyrics
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im listening to all of me, and as mentioned before, i get a hint of dream theater. i loved the solo, but the effects were kind of annoying. im sure it would sound better recorded though. the synth wasnt to interesting, it was mainly octaves and thirds.
Thanks for the comments!

huevos: Thanks for the crit! I was surprised that Far Into the Sun had more positive reception considering I was about to cut that song off the album

Afroboy267: Thanks! Happy you liked it! I'm currently recording the whole album and already completed 2 songs both without vocals.

mulefish: Yeah, the last track is one of my favorites and a big departure to what I usually compose (my past songs are progressive metal) This sounds like New Wave to me When I wrote Helpless Abandon, I was constantly listening to Peruvian Skies and On the Backs of Angels so it's probably those two songs that remind you of my song. Thanks for commenting!

Emperor's Child: I haven't heard of that song so it's probably coincidence but I'm just starting to listen to Radiohead after learning about the 0110 playlist (OK Computer/In Rainbows) Thanks for the crit!

amonamarthmetal: Yeah, all of the instruments have simple lines really and that's what I really aim in this album. Simplicity and melody over technicality. Thanks for your comment!

As I said earlier, I'm currently recording the album and so far completed 2 songs. Here's a link: http://soundcloud.com/nbgreat