Hey, just did 2 demos, just got a mix of one done. Here it is (on my profile at the top - forgot to mention that).

This song is a pontification following a friend making a number of posts that relationboats being better than relationships. I thought there would be a cute song in it, and there was.

I know the string sounds are a little crap, and I may play with the arrangement in due course. Some of it is lazy copypasta. Also I need to bring up the uke a little, but it's sitting there.

I will be happy to give my honest and detailed opinion on anything you've got (you may notice I've been posting on random threads that have taken my interest via the title).
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I actually really like the strings part. I feel like your voice would sound better if you moved the song up a half step or so. It kind of sounds like you could be singing with a little more power behind your voice. I listened to some of "hey" as well and I think something like those vocals would work better.
For some reason the song makes me think of a children's show. Might be some sort of strange sound induced nostalgia though.
The vocals seem to go out of key at times, but it's only a very minor thing.

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I like the kid's show thought. I was going for a cute and innocent vibe. A nice change from all my depressing unrequited love songs.

To be honest, I forgot to mention that this song was supposed to be a duet leaning more on the female side where I'd mainly be providing harmonies (which would be in that register but higher). So keep a pop/folk female voice in your head singing this song an octave higher in a quirky/wistful style.

Thanks for your crit on my latest post. I'm here to c4c.

Critting as I listen:

Vocals are standing out in an iffy way.. They sound very nasally and dullish, if this was deliberate then okay because it somewhat suits the song.. But if that's just how you sing, I would try to work on projecting more and making a fuller less congested sound.
Very mellow vibe. All the instrumentals are solid, very simple but solid nonetheless. I liked the whole track - just the tone of the vox didn't quite do it for me. Keep up the good work!

My voice seems to be nasal whatever range I'm in. It's just much worse in higher registers, hence me going for the softer vibe to counteract that (which is where the dullness comes from - I may have added too much bass, though).

I'm still getting used to Reaper coming from ProTools, and in the process of looking for some better plug-ins. Some harmonic generators and the like to cover some things up. I did sing fairly intimately on purpose, though, to go with the intimate feel of the song.

It is also an extremely difficult song in terms of breathing, which probably affected the tone somewhat.

I do get where you're coming from, though. Something to think about for when it becomes more of a demo.
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I'm still getting used to Reaper coming from ProTools, and in the process of looking for some better plug-ins. Some harmonic generators and the like to cover some things up.

I like a tad of the stock reverb on vox in Reaper, but for the most part I don't use the FX. Sound good pre-mic, I suppose I just don't like the idea of trying to cover up stuff.

How come you switched from Pro Tools?
one thing that stands out immediately is the very dull vocals. they sound almost intentionally dull. idk if thats the style you were going for

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This is an interesting song. It's definitely different. I think the vocal melodies are actually really good and strong, but your singing is a little bit weak. Not bad at all, but could use a little fine tuning. I feel like some percussion and bass could really round off this song.
It sounds to me that you just need more practice with this song. Seems as though not long after writing it, you went straight into recording it.

The thing with intimate vocals is that they need to sound kinda fragile, and they do.
I think your voice itself is fine man. It's different but good. I wouldn't worry too much about being nasally, if that's what you would call it, not as bad as you think.

In time you can learn to make what you have work for you. Just practice the dynamics and hitting the correct pitches. The vocals just need to be a bit more smoother I think. I have a problem getting there with them myself, but I find practising the song over and over before I record tends to help a lot.
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here we go!

Very nice chord progression. The music is very well done.


you need to EQ them and drop anything like, 60hz and lower just cut it out. I'd add some reverb, maybe a really slight delay. Then I'd add a compressor on there, which can really help vocals volume out.

THE STRINGS are nice and are not cheesy at all!! It's cute!! The very SUGAR COATED is very nice as well! You would have a very nice product if you just touched up those vocals a bit! Be proud of this nice work!!

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Casuist - Did need more practice, but I had been playing it a few weeks. Needed to figure out the breathing spots. Also, in my shows the front row is the only row.

Nightwind - Cheers. I do have a high pass on the vocals (from memory), but I still probably need to dick with the low mids. I also have a reverb of some description. Need to get some more VSTs for reaper. I'd usually use delay, but I'm not sure this song needs it. I did a bunch of automation, but I'll probably play witht he comp some more for the next mix.