On my Eclipse II, the neck volume pot makes a scratchy noise only when a note is being played. If I'm muting the strings with my left hand and turn the neck volume down, no noise. What could this be? Sometimes I like to do volume swells while using the neck pickup, a la "Outlaw Torn", but it makes a terrible scratchy sound. Is this something I can fix myself inexpensively?
Dirty pot maybe? You can get pot cleaner, but I'd personally just change it out.
I thought about popping off the knob and taking a look at it. If I'm remembering correctly, this has been happening since I got the guitar, which was 4 years ago. I checked out the wiring and everything looks neat and clean and nothing is messed up. How much do pots normally cost?
First post is right - I bought a big can of contact cleaner for the the same price or more of a new pot and it worked for about 2 days hahahaha, so yea the cleaner is a very temporary fix - so you really should buy a whole new pot, and while youre there you should buy me 2 extras!
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