Is $300 a good deal for a Marshall 1960B (JCM900) LEAD 412 Cab?

It has a few scuff marks, and a rip in the tolex about half the size of a credit card.

I'm thinking of picking this up.
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If the speakers are in good shape, I'd jump on that in an instant. Just ask if it has the original G12T-75's in it.

That's about average.

Personally, I wouldn't get it though - A cab with all G12T-75s don't sound very good with Rectos IMO.
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I passed on the orange deal. I'm running my jcm 2000 DSL through a 1960B Lead, and my mesa dual rec through a shitty raven cab.

I ran it through my other 1960B and it sounded amazing.

And I actually just picked up this other 1960B opened her up and it has the G12t75's... looks to be in great shape.
When the hell did you buy a shitty raven cab?
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You have to be ax troll or a ****ing moron. Probably both.

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For the record the orange you where thinking of trading for would have been a great fit for the recto and 1960s are fine for dsls.
You should just buy a spider and be done with it.

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You have to be ax troll or a ****ing moron. Probably both.

This seems correct. You've got three 1960B cabs and you can't tell what a good deal is on one?

"Sold the Avatar." ? What kind of worthless post is that? I'm starting to be convinced that you just post whatever crap you've done recently because you think people care or are impressed that you have a bunch of gear. This isn't your twitter feed. Stop it.