I am rebuilding my 2-soap bar pickup Jazzmaster to a three pickup config. I want to install a middle single coil with RWRP. Would very much like to have the following switching capability:

1. bridge alone
2. neck/bridge pickups
3. neck alone
4. bridge/middle
5. middle alone
6. neck/middle

I would like the rhythm pots and toggle switch for 1-3 positions (as standard) and the lead pots and slide switch for the 4-6 positions. The slide switch would only serve to turn on the 1-3 positions (down) and the 4-6 positions (up), still functioning as an on-on switch. A second 3-way toggle switch would do the switching on 4-6.

Does anyone know where I might find a wiring diagram for this? I would appreciate it VERY much, plus ANY tips or advice please! Thanks!