I work at a waterpark, just for a bit of money. It's not a great waterpark, but it's worth the money. It's generally fairly easy work, people do as they're told and I just have to sit there looking cool with my big framed glasses. But today there were some stupid kids who insisted on swimming into the current, so I told them not to. They stopped, but then they started jumping in at places they're not supposed to, even though they could clearly see people jumping in at the designated areas.

Now, after this I was moved to work on one of the slides. I saw these same kids queueing up and this guy asked if he could go in front, and they gave him a string of expletives, which was just rude and clearly upset the kid as he ran off. He came back and said that he was going soon and that he just wanted one go and if he could go in front, and they said the same thing and gave him a lot of abuse. He ran off again.
I then noticed, as these horrible guys got off the slide, that the kid had asked his friends to have a word, which they did. One of the dick head guys then punches one of the guys in the face. Naturally I ran over and threw these guys out.

This isn't the first waterpark I've worked at, and there are always kids like this. When I'm at work I just want people to think I look cool with my glasses and iPhone, why are they such dicks?
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One of the dick head guys then punches one of the guys in my face.


On Topic, how old were they?

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