I'm sure many people are more than slightly frustrated when they try to open a tab for a song they would like to learn and receive the rediculous "not available in your country BS". I'm here to offer a simple workaround to avoid this.

Most of these tabs (if not all) can be accessed from the United States from my experience. How do you access from another country? Simple, you will need a proxy server located in the United States and the most simple and effective method of defeating this rediculous copyright BS plaguing this website is to download a program called Hotspot Shield. Quite simply it creates a VPN (virtual private network), tricking the site to thinking you are located in the U.S.!

This trick has probably already been mentioned somewhere around here, nevertheless it is an awesome way to get around pesky copyright BS.

Note: It works for other sites (like Hulu) which prevent other countries from accessing their sites.

Note2: If it doesn't work the first time, just disconnect/reconnect it and it will give you a different IP address and try again.

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Really? I have never had that problem before and I'm not in the US. Is that new?
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many of the tabs are blocked by copyright crap. I'm in Australia and it won't let me access Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven - gives me a copyright BS message. Soon as I slap on the Hotspot Shield I'm sweet.

Try accessing that tab and tell me what country you are located in see if you get blocked too.
Sh!te! You're right! That tab is blocked! I'm in Mexico, but that's never happened to me before, is that for certain tabs? or all tabs?
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Apparently it's just certain tabs, right? I opened some tab randomly and had no problem at all, hmmm, but it's good to know that IP trick you posted.
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Yeah it's only certain tabs, I don't think the issue is THAT widespread, but it really pissed me off so I had to find a way around it.

Hopefully it helps alot of people alleviate those frustrations, I'm the biggest forum noob ever but it would be good to sticky this information for easy access, not sure what UG will think of that though.
This accutally works lol cheers mate, its a bit annoying that they have cut off these tabs to people outside the US, pretty much makes this site useless to me if things i want to learn are blocked and tbh there is/was no site like this and i think they will loose a lot of people over this, fair enough we dont pay for it so they will think who cares. I have the App for my phone but its too fidly to try and learn something its all right for learning stuff on the quick.

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It's usually tabs by Clapton, Feeder & Led Zeppelin which get mentioned in these threads.

There are loads of threads out there discussing it, and some even tell you how to get round it without downloading any software.

Search for them & you'll find the answer.
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If I spend 40 hours tabbing out some epic song in Guitar Pro 6 that these copyrighters don't bother to release then it gets blocked their will be hell to pay. I will definately will be looking to get payback.
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