hey guys,
i'm looking for a acoustic amp to play, well my acoustic on and have it sound like it should instead of trying to play it out of my line 6 spider 4.... -.- so, i would just like some suggestions and some ideas on what good amps are, and i want to find one thats good for the price.

- i have $500, and really don't want to spend it all on the amp, less money the better, if possible.
- doesn't need to be too loud.. i just play small gigs and don't need a huge amp, my spider is a 30 and it does me perfect for my electric.
- i have looked at some and would like to know how good they are.. fishman loudbox mini (60 watts) $320, Fender Acoustic DSP (30 watts) $350, Peavey Ecoustic 208 (30 watts) $180, and Ultrasound AG-30 (30 watts) $200..

thank you in advance!