the guitar is off just a bit in the part where the double kick comes in.

mix is ok maybe turn the leads parts in the verse part up just a hair.
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Cheers, I realised the centre guitar is a little low in the mix when I did the mastering, thought it'd be brought out a little more in the process . . . . . . . . . . .
Stick a note where you think its out with the drums if you'd be so kind
Riff sounds awfully similar to sweet child o' mine as you mentioned. Might want to change it up a little actually.
I think this song is pretty good how it is, the mastering is good as far as i can tell. It needs vocals though, as an instrumental it doesn't do anything for me.
Lead guitar could be a little louder in parts.

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The drums need to be fixed up they sound a bit wrong. Possibly add a bit more compression and reverb. The bass drum sounds good though. I think its just the cymbals I think that sound weird really thats all. The guitars sound pretty good! Love the rhythm guitar! Really powerful! Keep up the good work!

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The guitar riff is just generally a touch out of time in the intro. Just listen and you should hear it.

Not a bad quality master.Something about those drums when they come in really disturbs me, though. I think you need to bring the cymbals down in that section to give the snare some room to breathe. It just sounded like a treble explosion all up in my ears.

As a whole it seems to lack a bottom-end. The bass needs to be much closer to the guitar level. I would say that the loud guitar does need to stand out where it is at the moment, but bring the bass up at least to your quieter guitar levels.

That could maybe be a limiting issue, I'm not sure. Because there are a number of sections where the crashes and big cymbals are much louder than most things, the limiter is going to be going off that and just squeezing everything else down. Often there is a point where it becomes counter-intuitive to push the track through the limiter any more, because it pumps the song or ends up hiding whatever it is you want to stand out. For some reason you it sounds like you lose more bass in most mixes the more you push it through the limiter.

My advice on that front is to remove some excess fat from the top-end of your mix dynamically, then compensate for that in the limiter. By this, I mean anything that is much louder than anything else bring down by a few db (you may not notice some things - watch the meters on individual instruments and how they affect your master output. Basically try and remove too many fluctuating levels at the louder end of the scale so you can get more out of your limiter without noticing that you're using a limiter.

EDIT: Maybe not your cup of tea, but crit mine?
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