Hi guys,

I have recently joined a local tech death band and am considering buying an ENGL fireball (60 watt version) to replace my unsuitable peavey classic 30. All the reviews sound great (it has a great tone, recordings using it sound good etc) and I will be trying out the amp in the near future, however in many places I have read that this amp does not cut through the mix in a live setting. Obviously this is very important, as most of its use will be live (two guitar band, both in drop d) and it would be better to stick with the classic 30 if this new amp isn't going to cut through the mix. Does anyone have any experience with this amp, or with ENGLs in general and know how good they are at cutting through and any tricks/settings to make them cut through better? thanks
ENGLs are epic.

That amp is rather scooped and unless you work with your other band members you may find it lacks presence.

if you can save up and get the 100w version you will have a far easier time cutting through than you would with the 60. TBH I find 60 watts is still a bit under powered for the sort of tones one would want from the FB60, but it is still a great amp.

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I have a fb 60 and with my mids up I cut through fine
Running through:

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moar midz. thats about it