I've just bought a Chinese copy of a ESP iron Cross guitar, and I have to say it is not a bad guitar for the money, anyone know where I can get a brass iron Cross to go on it,
It wasn't exactly a copy if it doesn't have the cross. I know where to find a vinyl designed for guitars in that pattern. If you're interested?
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It does have a cross on their mate but it's not metal/or brass which is what I would prefer,
Pics? Id like to see this. Where'd you get it from?
I doubt you'll be able to find a brass cross easily, try getting hold of ESP, say your cross fell off and you want a replacement? Or make one.
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tried ebay???
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I'm not sure how to upload pictures on here mate, if you would like to see pictures give me an e-mail address, I will also send you the link to where I got it from, if I can't get a cross off the net i'll see if I can get one laser cut, if it's not too expensive.