Hi all!
Last performance showed that I should change my distortion pedal instantly. Now I am using Boss DS-1 and MXR distortion III, but they are far away from my sound. The output sound from DS-1 is very thick, full with high frequences and absolutely untastefull for ears. Also MXR sounds unnatural.
Can anyone suggest distortion pedal for modern rock? Budget 100-150 usd, and I accept used ones. Guitar - Fender highway one with seymour duncan sh-4 in bridge.
Probably I am looking into high-gain pedals, but not going into metal generes. I found Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion but not sure about it and I can't test it in nearest time.

Any suggestions for pedal? Thanks.
What amp?
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more info is needed. what amp and perhaps a couple of bands you wish to sound like.
Well, I have performances in different places and every time there are different amps. Sometimes there is Marshall JVM and JCM searies, sometimes peavey amps and others. Yes, I know that is a huge problem that I don't have personal amp for performances, but now I just can't afford head and cabinet.
In rehearsals I use Marshall AVT (And yes, I know that it is not the best amp )
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Not sure on price of Suhr Riot
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i would think using the amps you've mentioned an overdrive would be better. are they always (or at least almost always) tube amps. if so get an overdrive, personally i like the Digitech Hardwire Cm-2 Tube Overdrive. 2 modes for varying gain structures and a very responsive 2 band eq. if you need a distortion then try the Digitech Hardwire Valve Distortion.
Try a ProCo Rat or a Blackstar HT-DIST. They're both good. There are so damned many distortion boxes out there that recommendations are almost meaningless unless you're asking about a specific box. Try as many of them as you can and see what suits you best.
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I'm thinking of the Suhr Riot pedal, might be a little out of the price range but it's such a great sounding pedal. I would also guess that the Blackstar HT-DIST is a great one too, the way that Blackstar and their fans have been going on about them.
I've tried many boxes mentioned here. While the MT-2, ProCo, DS-1, SD-1, MXR Dime/Zakk Wyde overdrive combos are good on some days while lame most of the year. The EHX Metal has the most stable distortion and more on tap for under hundred dollars. Even Blackstar couldn't be spared from the conflagration of the Metal Muff.
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