alright so lately ive been really into that type of prog rock type sound (i guess thts what u call it?) bands like explosions in the sky, this will destroy you, other instrumental bands, and also alot of new age worship type bands kinda have that type of sound too like hillsong. so anyway thats the sound ive been going for an am struggling to get it, i have a fender telecaster, thru a line 6 dl4, boss dd6, fulltone fulldrive 2, and a phase 90, into a fender hotrod deluxe amp. anys suggestions on how to get the sounds those guys seem to get? (esp those ratty distortion type sounds) thanks!
for starters a tele really isn't going to get you that type of sound. most of those guys use more shred friendly guitars. your amp while good for many tones once again isn't really geared for a prog sound. think Mesa Triple Rec or Peavey JSX for that.
Its called post-rock, and a tele will do just fine! (Trollin' above me?!?) You have great pedals so you should be able those sounds easily.

Watch this and let me know if thats the kind of stuff you're on about! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjJ0k7pV0jk&feature=related
yes! thats exactly what i mean, sorry for giving it the wrong name, thanks tho!