Hey guys,

Do you know any software where i can use my PC Keyboard like it was a MIDI keyboard?

BTW, do you know any programs where i can play instruments by the MIDI?

I use a free program called linux multimedia studio.

It lets you use your PC keyboard.
But it is way easier to use an actual midi keyboard if you can get one.
In ableton, can play wiht the keyboard? And have a instrumenst?

Nice, gonna try...

Btw, do you know where i can create a drum loop?
With Ableton, on the left you should see a row of buttons. Click the 2nd from the top (the one with a rectangle symbol). You should notice it's then divided into 3 categories/folders. View the "Instruments" folder and Drum Rack is listed. If you drag the "Drum Rack" title onto the main track layout window, that becomes your drum set. Now just drag a kick, snare, hat sound into each one of the boxes. Double click any on the clip boxes to start drawing in the drum pattern. If you need any further help with Ableton, PM me so that we don't drag up more thread space.