Just finished this up today. Been having trouble recording stuff, so everything was done in FL studio. Because of this I know the piano sounds quite sterile. The singer in my band said he isn't really feeling this song, like it doesn't have the "wow" factor. So I'm looking for some advice on how to get it to a point where we can add vocals and add it to the bands repertoire.
In return, I will of course check out any music you have and give my best advice.

It's called "piano song"

If you don't like it tell me, don't think I'm going to cry or anything.
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Hey man, thanks for the feedback.

I can't help feeling this song takes far too long to get moving. The groove feels right when you've got the hats on eighth notes, but empty when it's not. You could potentially hide this fact with some other noise with an eighth pulse going, or maybe adding a delay to the piano.

I would definitely leave out that hat count-in at the start if you plan on keeping electro drums.

My suggestion upon 2nd listen (couldn't quite get it in one), is to have a bigger intro then maybe bring it down for the verses. Bring the strings in straight away and then take them away for the verse, then make the arrangement even bigger at the end. I would also suggest adding a couple of fill riffs to the piano, even if they're simple, just to break up the repetitiveness. I'm hearing possibly even an octave double of the piano melody towards the end of the song. Maybe even play with making a busier kick pattern at the end also, but bring everything back to normal for that last 2 bars, I think.

Of course, this is just me thinking as I type, so some ideas may be in odd places. Feel free to listen or ignore.

Thanks for your critique of my latest song! I'm here to c4c as promised.

"piano song"

Solid progression. Rhythmically tight (although that's thanks to FL huh? ) I have a couple things to say. First and foremost, this is a perfectly good foundation to build a killer song for your band off of. Like I said, solid progression, and the arrangement is there.

You should try explaining to your singer that it's not realistic to bust out a banger with "wow factor" galore in FL in no time. The ideas are there - you guys just need to jam it around for a while. Almost every song you know, including all of the classics, didn't just get improv'd in 1 take and thrown on a record. Songs start as an idea, which grows into a group of ideas, which you arrange and build together as you go.

So yeah, as far as getting the song to the point where your band can play it, I would suggest writing some lyrics to it and then playing around with the basic progression and arrangement as a band. It takes a lil time!

The downfall of this song is that it's very (very) simple - theoretically and fundamentally it's musically sound, but there's no surprises anywhere! You may recall in the song of mine that you critiqued earlier today, at the end of some of the measures as the drums are breaking down, I'll go out of key and play some chromatic notes, making sure to land back on the happy root note on the 1st beat of the next measure. This is just one quick, relatively simple technique to make your music a little more interesting to listen to. The possibilities are endless for real - if you want your song to stand out, go through and work on it with the mindset that you want to add the element of surprise. Keep your listener engaged!

Keep up the good work man

Completely agree with the above 2 crtis you've got already.. Really solid foundation for a good song and there's not much really I can add to the crits you've gotten already because they give really good pointers and advice.

It is kinda repetitive and simple but it gives you a base to add other aspects to it. I also agree with what Flea said about bringing everything back to normal for the last 2 bars, it'll give it a nice finish.

With everything taken into account and a few tweaks the "wow factor" will come

Feel free to check out an acousticly composed FL song of mine here:
i can't help but think this progression sounds too similar to something thats already on the radio right now. Some really popular club song, or something from black eyed peas.

instrumental music isn't really my thing, but for what you have here, it's good.

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Core of the song is fine, but there is no real clear melodic line which means that ironically you're singer is gonna have to be the one who gives is the "WOW" factor unless you put your own melodic lines in (although there's quite a nice -pre-chorus and chorus section, but you need more). Beat sounds really good (nice snare!), but it lacks groove and movement which could also be what you're singer is referring to re the "WOW" factor. Hope this helps and thanks for your crit.
Right from the start I like it a lot, nice sort of hip hop drums with the nice piano line. Almost sounds like a rap beat. I like it a lot. Its a really good start. And i think it just needs to be produced a little better. The piano part is good but sounds a bit choppy and empty. I agree that the core of the song is really good, nice progression, chorus has a good melody. I really think it just has to be produced better and it will be much better. It just sounds empty and choppy, sort of computerized, right now. I guess you mentioned that it was done on FL so maybe that accounts for the choppiness. I like it, no reason the singer shouldnt. Its got serious potential.

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This is a really groovy tune. I think that you need to add a clean funky guitar just playing some sort of chords with the piano after the intro. This could really help bring this track to life. Although I like the synth stuff and guitar parts you put in, I feel like this song needs more upbeat funky riffs going along with the sick piano part to round it off.

But overall this sounds pretty rad.