Alright I have a MIM jazz bass, I've always had P basses, and I traded it for this but the nut broke and I ended up getting a mustang for free, so I never felt like getting a nut. Well now it's fixed and well, it's nice but meh, I can't say if it's the mexican pickups, me being used to the thick P sound or what, but this thing needs to be changed up. My first thought would be to add a series switch, but if I'm gonna take this thing apart I might as well do everything at once.

I'm currently working on a double P bass, but I feel like I might want to put a P pickup or both in this, with a warmoth guard. Then there's also good jazz pickups, rail humbuckers, and maybe even ray buckers or a Eb-3 layout.

I'm also on a sell and trade for new gear budget, so don't suggest $150+ mods.
Raise the pickups as high as you can before doing anything else. Wimpy J pups will get extra anemic when they're too far from the strings.

If that doesn't do it for you, I'd get some humbucking jazz pups, like the stuff dimarzio puts out. You get rid of the single coil hum and they have a higher, fatter output than the usual j pups. I'm using a set of the DP123s and really like them.
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A set of Duncan Quarter Pounders will wake that Jazz up.
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I have a set of Fender Custom 60's Jazz Pickups in my MiM.

Love it.
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Hipshot bass extender, ultralite tuners, Nordstrand NJ4sv or se pickups, Aguilar OBP-3 preamp, or if you want to stay passive, replace the tone pot with a stellartone tonestyler bass.

I think the extender alone almost kills my budget, but good ideas