ok so ive had this problem for a while, dont really have to money to take it into a tech so im gonna figure this out myself.

pretty much the bridge pickup of my fender has a reduced output in comparison to the neck pickup.

it used to be that it was almost dead but today i opened up the control cavity, poked around looking for bad solders/bad wires and didnt find anything, but when i checked the guitar through my amp again, the bridge pickup was "working" but still with a reduced out put.

so should i keep trying to figure this out or just replace the bridge pickup and get something hotter in the process?

also, the neck pickup works perfectly fine, nand ev erything is stock as of now.
It's pretty tough to kill a pickup. It's much, much more likely to be a connection issue. A solder joint that 'looks ok' or isn't obviously broken is not necessarily good. The fact that you messed with it and it got better points me towards a bad solder joint. Grab a soldering iron and reflow all the contacts one by one, that ought to fix it. If not, new switch and pots for you.
whats a bad solder look like? if theres a bit of the wire exposed on the top, but the bottom is solidly soldered to the pot, is that good or bad?