So I have this old Squire p-bass that sounds awful but actually plays really nice. I was considering switch out the one pick up for two. I was thinking about putting a neck pup from a 4003 and the bridge pup would probably a jazz pup of some kind. Then I would put a three way selector on there to control the sound more.
I don't know if this is that great of an idea but I was pondering putting a series/parallel selector in there too.
So what do you think?
(I have about $200 to spend)
I think I want to see it when you are done.

I hope you have a router.

Have you decided on pup placement?

I have a router and a soldering iron. I was going to put the jazz pup where it would go for the bridge of a jazz bass but I'm a little lost on the 4003 pup since they're different scales
why dont you put in 2 volume pots? i think that's more handy than a 3 selector switch. also, a 4003 neck pup with a j bridge? that thing is gunna be so growly its redic. probably muddy as all hell too. anyways, defs do it with 2 volume pots. more versatile.
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